The Comicbookcast have been producing comicbook and media related content for almost three years now. For those unfamiliar the CBC are a group of genuine comicbook fans who love producing podcasts and reviews whilst interacting with their fans. Unfortunately they have recently lost their blip channel-their main source of income- due to the great [and completely unjustified] purge of 2014. Seeking financial support the Comic Book Cast started a patreon so they can keep making their amazing content.On patreon you can give anything from a dollar to a thousand to your favourite content creators.The CBCs goal is to eventually reach 1,000 dollars per month. This will help update date their website to include: articles, a nicer interface and generally a better community for the fans. The CBC are in their blackest night and together us fans can bring them forward to their brightest day. The CBC need your support in any way shape or form whether it be pledging on patreon, promoting the CBC on your Social networks or spreading word of the campaign. I am certain The CBC will be thankful as they have been to their fans so far. Currently the CBC patreon is at nearly $500. The comicbookcast patreon: