CBC Off-topic is a podcast founded by Tom Gallagher-CBC Co-host- for the comicbookcast Channel. In this podcast, members do not talk about comics or related items (unless relevant) and talk about basically anything. The podcast is ridiculously infrequent and relies on comedy based new stories-sex stories and general weird stories) and this topic are usually the shows main source of humour. Members that have so far appeared on this podcast are Tom G, Sean, Joel, Armin, matt and Ben ( befor he left the group.)

The podcasts first episode was and released on 30th June 2012. As of June 2014 11 episodes have been released.

Episodes Edit

Episode One: in this this episode Tom, Joel and Ben talk about the history of the Loch Ness monster being taught in schools around america to disprove evolution among other things. Released June 30th 2012