Dynamic is a webseries produced for the Comic Book Cast. The series is written/produced/directed by CBC member Tom Gallagher, his friend- frequent podcast guest- Tom carter has wrote numerous episodes and also co-produces the series. The series focuses on a time traveller and superhero called the observer [played by Tom Gallagher] and a 21st century human played by Tom carter. The main antagonists of the series are an organisation called cyber wolf, who have been involved in some very unethical buisness such as: the creation of the electricity based virus/villian Surge [played by Joel Leam Daly] and the possible assassination of a scientist [Armin Stojanovic.] So far the series is two episodes in with a new episode being released every 1-2 months. Episode one was 8 minutes long whilst episode two was nearly 19. Episode three will feature a cult as its primary antagonists.

Episodes Edit

Episode one, beginnings: Edit

the introductory episode starts to establish the series main plot.

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Production notes: Dynamic is set In a universe created by Tom Gallagher for an unmade short film, when the short film's production Tom Gallagher decided that the universe was too interesting to shelve, so he decided to tell a story inhabiting the same universe but with different characters. this episode was completely unscripted with only a brief outline of what had to happen. The actors for John was called on the day of shoot to film the episode.

Episode two, the surge Edit

One of Blakes former colleagues is murdered and it seems as if it was connected to the murky organisation, cyber wolf is involved. Blake and the observer go to investigate the murder of the cyberwolf researcher. When they arrive back at blakes house they discover the electrical villian surge, the observer tries to battle durge with hos sonic device as surge,at first he seems to be winning as surge is operating on a local electromagnetic frequncy however the observer starts to struggle. They are saved by blakes friend, John, who arrives and uses his new fire power to defeat surge.

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Episode three, Cult Edit

This episode has yet to be released. It is known that a cult will play the role of antagonists.

Productions Notes: For this episode Dymanic films asked CBC fans to send in clips of th wearing white masks and chant religious verses-sent to viewers after contacting Dymanic films.