Crane Dad is a known ally to Spider-Man and antagonist to the Flash. He is portrayed by C. Thomas Howell.

Crane DadEdit

Crane Dad first came to New York City to save cranes after the events of Spider-Man 3. His boy came into mortal peril during the Lizard's attack on the Williamsburg Bridge. Thankfully, Spider-Man rescued him. When the Lizard attempted to turn the inhabitants of New York into lizards, Crane Dad conveniently called in multiple cranes, which conveniently lead to Oscorp Tower, to conveniently allow Spider-Man to conveniently swing across their convenient path. Crane Dad later crossed over to the DC Universe to help rebuild Metropolis after Superman blew it up.

Professor ZoomEdit

Some time after the events of Man of Steel, Crane Dad's son fell into mortal peril once more. However, the boy died due to the Flash's inability to save him. Crane Dad vowed revenge on the Flash, and became supervillain Professor Zoom, making Flash's life hell for several years.