Comic Clash is a series by the comicbookcast. In the series two CBC members, Armin stojanovic-founder of the CBC- and his co-host Joel daly debate over which character would win in an all out,unprepared fight. Armin fights for the empire of marvel whilst Joel holds the flag for the DC characters. Votes are cast for characters through the comments section on videos. So far their have been 5 series, each contains 6 episodes(excluding season one), 5 episodes for actual debate and a final episode for post season discussion. There are also various 0.5 episodes released between series. So far all but one episode has been DC VS Marvel the exception being season 3.5 which was Marvel VS Marvel.

Unlike ComicBook versus, a series on the hybrid network, this series series constant 1 uppers. When Armin is in trouble he can always pull out the power cosmic or an infinity gem connection or the fact that there's a zombie marvel universe similarly if Joel is in deep peril he can pull out a lantern ring or the fact that they also were once a zombie (this applies to pretty much every dc character as a result of blackest night.)

If There is one thing to take from this article: god damn the power cosmic.

Episode listing

• Season One

Episode 1: Spiderman (Marvel) VS Batman (DC.)

Episode 2: Hawkeye (Marvel) VS Green Arrow (DC.)

Episode 3: Doctor Strange (Marvel) VS Doctor Fate (DC.)

Episode 4: Ms. marvel (Marvel) VS Supergirl (DC.)

Episode 5: Thor (Marvel) VS Superman (DC.)

• Season two

Episode 1: Iron patriot (Norman Osborn, Marvel) VS Lex Luthor (DC.)

Episode 2: Venom (Marvel) VS Lobo (DC.)

Episode 3: Deadpool (Marvel) VS Deathstroke (DC.)

Episode 4: Hulk (Marvel)k VS Doomsday (DC.)

Episode 5: Thanos (Marvel) VS Darkseid (DC.)

Episode 6: Post season disscussion.

Season 2.5: Batman VS Spiderman. No your eyes do not deceive you, this is the same fight from the very first episode but with a twist fans can vote on it this time, which they could not do in the beggining.

• Season 3

Episode 1: Wolverine (Marvel) Vs Hawkman (DC.)

Episode 2: Black panther (Marvel) VS Talon (DC.)

Episode 3: Iron Man ( Marvel) VS Batwing (DC.)

Episode 4: Scarlet Witch (Marvel) VS Zatanna (DC.)

Episode 5: Spiderman 2099 (Marvel) VS Batman Beyond (DC.£

Episode 6: Post season 3 disscussion.

Season 3.5: Wolverine ( Marvel) VS Deadpool (DC), this is special episode released during the gap between season 3 and four.

• Season 4

Episode 1: The Vision (Marvel) VS Cyborg (DC.)

Episode 2: Redhood (DC) VS Moonknight (Marvel.)

Episode 3: Loki (Marvel) VS Sinestro (DC.)

Episode 4: Bullseye (marvel) VS Deadshot (DC.)

Episode 5: Ghost Rider (Marvel) VS The Spectre (DC.)

Episode 6: post season 4 disscussion.

• Season 5

Episode 1: Captain America (Marvel) VS Citizen Steel (DC.)

Episode 2: The winter soldier (marvel) VS Nightwing (DC.)

Episode 3: Storm (marvel) VS Static Shock (DC.)

Episode 4: Quicksilver (marvel) VS The Flash (DC.)

Episode 5: Red Skull (Marvel) VS Vandal Savage (DC.)

Episode 6: Post season 5 disscussion. Yet to be released.